“Should I hire a full-time or part-time maid in Singapore? Like many prospective customers you probably are asking yourself this question. Truth is that in today’s world, we can hardly do without a maid. They help clean the home, ensure the kids are tended to, shop for groceries and perform many other chores. However, do you know that hiring a maid to work part-time from a reputable is beneficial in the following ways?

1. Save Cost

save costPart-time and full-time maids carry-out the same chores. In fact, a full-time maid will spend more time sitting down when not working. Nonetheless, you still have to compensate her for the idle time. On the other hand, you only pay a part-time worker for only the time she has been at your home working and there are no additional expenses since she doesn’t stay at your home.

2. More Freedom

The role played by maids can’t be overlooked. In fact, they have become part-and-parcel of the modern home. Unfortunately, they also take away some freedom and privacy. Imagine a maid who is always in the home? She will try to report every little detail to you and also interrupts your schedule. You are less-likely to experience this if you only have her for a few hours in a day or week.

3. More Flexibility

With a full-time maid, you have no flexibility when it comes to her work schedule. They will normally follow a schedule and there are times that there is no work. However, by choosing when she comes and what she does, you have more control of the situations and can also reschedule the service to allow for other important tasks or emergencies.

4. Professionalism

Reputable maid agencies in Singapore are known to be professional and experienced in this area. They will first vet all their candidates, confirm that they are familiar with their duties, and some will also re-train them. And to ensure you, your family and property are secure, the agencies will run a background check before adding to their database.

5. Peace-of-Mind

When compared to maids who work on a full-time basis, those working part-time offer you more peace-of-mind. First, they will only be at home when you need them. Second, you can reschedule an appointment or cleaning service. Third, their interruption is minimal since they won’t be around all-day and all-night. Four, you can change the maids at will especially if you feel that their work is below par.

Finding a qualified and experienced maid to work part-time shouldn’t be a big challenge. You don’t have to settle for a full-time worker while you can save cost by hiring one who works when you need them to. Also, don’t have to keep up with unprofessional service, shoddy work, or interruptions. Simply talk to Katong Maid Agency Singapore.

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